BHC Baby Boy Swoon


BHC baby swoon.
Proven to help soothe the tiniest little bundle.

Swaddling, an almost universal child-care practice before the 18th century (Lipton, Steinschneider, & Richmond, 1965), is wrapping an infant tightly with a blanket, pieces of cloth, or bands, to prevent free movement of their limbs (Merriam-Webster, 2015). Swaddling has traditionally been thought to offer many benefits to newborn infants (Van Sleuwen et al., 2007). This technique varies considerably, from the European way of wrapping the infant in bands to the swaddling practices of South America and countries of the former Soviet Union of tightly folding blankets or sheets around the baby (Van Sleuwen et al., 2007). Swaddling is used for both full term and preterm infants, although the technique may need to be different depending on the infant’s age and needs (Van Sleuwen et al., 2007).

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Soft light weight breathable jersey.

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